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A little bit about Bristol

The town was established in the Anglo-Saxon era and was an extremely important port that traded regularly with Ireland. The oldest buildings in Bristol date back to the 12th Century, making them around 900 years old. There are seven churches - such as Bristol Cathedral, St Mark's Church and St Mary Redcliffe Church - along with The Great Gatehouse, which is a historic building that dates back to around 1170.

Bristol Surveyors – the trading name of Right Surveyors Wilts and East Somerset Ltd. – are your Building Surveyors & Property Experts in Bristol and North East Somerset.

Whether you are buying, or already own a property, Bristol Surveyors provide the complete range of building surveys and defect analysis reports. Our qualified and experienced Building Surveyors specialise in pre-purchase surveys and specialist building surveys, entirely regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The professional Building Surveyors employed by Bristol Surveyors are not the ‘jack of all trades’ type you may find at a general practice.

They blend years of experience in their craft with invaluable expertise in diagnosing structural problems and locating concealed defects. This means that at a competitive price, your money will go further with the dedicated support of a specialist helping guide you through the entire process, one step at a time.

To get a survey quote and completely free advice on your property or prospective new home, call Paul Keegan on 01172 121 214 or simply email info@bristolbuildingsurveyors.co.uk.

Just what is a home survey?

...and why is it so important?

80% of people purchasing property in Bristol are upsizing their main residence. As one of the biggest investments of your life, you’ll want to get it right!

Before buying or building, instructing a Building Surveyor is always advisable to avoid the risk of losing money on your investment. A professional surveyor will advise you on all aspects of your purchase, warn you of structural problems and hidden defects and even help you negotiate a better price.

In Bristol, our local Building Surveyor is Paul Keegan MRICS DipBS MBA MCMI, who leads the team as part of Right Surveyors Wilts and East Somerset Ltd. Paul will personally undertake instructions for all new clients, commercial or private.

"We focus on delivering a cost-effective service - providing you with comprehensive detail and advice, for less."

Our Services

For a full list of our services, please click here.

House Purchase Survey Report

Our ‘middle-ground’ survey carried out by our Building Surveyors takes features from the Full Building Survey, but condenses it down to a more digestible report at a lower cost. This is our most popular option and has proved suitable for the majority of property buyers.

Without sacrificing quality this report focuses on what you need to know, providing all the information required to make an informed decision ahead of a purchase. Similar to the HomeBuyer’s Survey, it reports on areas directly affecting the value of the property whilst also highlighting any issues that may affect day-to-day life.

Areas covered in the Full Building survey which include structural movement, ventilation, damp, timber joinery etc, are all covered in the House Purchase Survey, but by not going into as much detail, this is a more cost-effective alternative. It remains suitable for all types of properties – whether large, small, commercial or residential.

RICS Full Building Survey

This bespoke and thorough survey is the highest service available from Building Surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The report includes an in-depth assessment of specific issues, guidance on how to deal with them and advice as to the likely costs involved to repair the issues found. The comprehensive inspection of the property and a detailed report will be specifically tailored to your requirements.

The Full Building Survey makes special allowances for structural inspections and drainage evaluations. Further additions can include detailed comment on individual defects and costings if required.

Only a fully qualified and independent Chartered Surveyor should carry out a Full Building Survey. It demands specific knowledge in diagnosing and predicting structural defects of all kinds. Fortunately our expertise is on hand and could save you thousands on civil action and costly future repairs.

On a tight budget or timescale?

If you’re on a tight budget or need to complete your purchase quickly, our Building Surveyors offer Verbal Acquisition Advice to help meet your needs. Instead of charging the price of a full written report, the surveyor will attend the site; conduct the usual investigations for a written building survey and simply report back to you directly that day – either by telephone or face-to-face.

Tight budget or timescale?
Our track record of providing only the highest standard of services has left a trail of happy clients throughout Bristol. Read a number of our reviews here:

Property Services

Buy, sell and manage your property.

Open Property Group

Is a slow sale holding things up? Want to sell a property, but can’t wait months for a buyer? We have investment partners that will offer you complete market value and work hard to trade contracts within weeks of agreement.

Click the button below to see how one of the specialist investors can help you!

Capital Allowances

HMRC allows you to use expenditure on buying, leasing or simply improving a property to reduce your tax.

Our clients can obtain a tax benefit of hundreds of thousands of pounds as the claim can exceed 10% of the property’s purchase price. You simply cannot afford to ignore your Capital Allowance.

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Bristol Surveyors

"Thank you for your prompt service, could not have asked or expected more. I note your comments and in an ideal world everything would have been 'one'. Will not hesitate to recommend you, and will make a point of letting the estate agent know."

Sylvia A

Bristol Surveyors

"Once again many thanks for an excellent survey – far better than the gentleman in Norwich who we used over here last year who failed to inspect one of the three roof spaces and another in Cambs who didn’t even get up into the loft space!"

Paul B

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